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Ms. Necita “Chit” Salivio

74 years old

Ms. Chit is a retired teacher who is now a businesswoman. With a determination to help other senior citizens earn and have a hobby or a livelihood, she wrote a book that teaches them how to make handicrafts. With the help of organizations and government offices such as OSCA Manila, DTI and SM Cares, she sells the handicrafts that she and her fellow seniors made to malls and events. Seminars and workshops are also conducted so that she can teach and encourage them personally. She is also a president of their local senior citizen organization; being a great example of a leader. She received multiple awards and recognition through her passion and determination.

Ms. Josephine “Joy” Gaviola

78 years old

Ms. Joy describes herself as a “career woman”. Ever since she was young, she had multiple experiences; from being a bank manager, a barangay president and now a consultant at the Office of the Senior Citizens’ Affairs at Makati City. By being a consultant, she actively participates in the activities of the government. She hosts events, models for fashion shows, participates in seminars and gives advice to other people. She has received multiple awards and recognition because of her effort. She believes that seniors are capable and should continue to showcase themselves.

Mr. Alan Bautista

63 years old

Mr. Alan was once a principal at an academy. However, his passion is really in the field of acting. Starting at a very young age, he was discovered for his talent by being himself. Ever since, he has continued his passion and expressed this gift. He also received recognition and awards for his talent. Even after reaching 60, he continues with his craft especially that entertaining people doesn’t come with age, it comes with the ability.

Mr. Wilson Oracion

64 years old

Mr. Wilson is a pianist who plays music for passion. He believes it is a gift given to him by God. With a love for sharing knowledge, he wrote a book about music which is published in the National Library. Even though he did not graduate high school or college, he started investing into teaching himself knowledge through browsing and searching the internet on the fields of Mathematics, Science, Physics and Economics. He has learned and shared a lot since.